Petite Porcelains by Barbara Lee are unique, affordable, collectible dolls
 with signed and numbered Certificates of Authenticity.

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Dear Doll Collectors, 

"Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of doll collecting by doll designer Barbara Lee .  Our unique, affordable Petite Porcelain dolls are highly collectible and will give everyone, of all ages, the opportunity to experience the fun, excitement, and beauty of doll collecting."

Each of our limited edition dolls is hand-crafted in Mainland China and comes complete with a hang tag that bears the individual doll's name, an adjustable display stand, and its own signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity to increase your doll's value, over time.  Hoping you enjoy your adventure into the world of Petite Porcelain doll collecting and that you share all the joys and pleasure of collecting them all."

Barbara Lee            


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